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If you've already started looking for a newborn photographer in Calgary (and I'm assuming that's how you landed here), you will have noticed just how many photographers there are to choose from, and how many different styles there are. So how does a mama-to-be make a decision? Here are the top 3 things to consider before making your choice:

light and airy photo of newborn girl sleeping on back with hands over head


Aside from your family and doctor or midwife, your photographer will be one of the first outsiders to handle your tiny babe. Ensuring your little one is safe during their session is your top priority. Despite the tinyness of the subject, there are no regulations in place for newborn photography, and there can be some advanced poses that are dangerous for your little one if the photographer hasn't been trained how to do them safely. Here are some questions to ask:


There are all sorts of different styles of newborn photography - from posed in props, to baby-led, natural posing to lifestyle photography. There's nothing wrong with any style - it's entirely up to you and your esthetics, but it's important to choose a photographer whose style you're drawn to. If you ask a photographer to mimic someone else's style, you're bound to be disappointed. Take some time to browse Instagram or Pinterest for styles you love.

Posed sessions require a high level of experience from the photographer as they curl your babe into a variety of poses in cute props.

Baby-led posing involves capturing your little one sleeping naturally with some gentle poses that tell the story of your little one, so that when you look back on them, you'll be able to say "I remember when she used to always put one arm up like that."

Lifestyle photography takes place either in your home or in a faux-bedroom setup in a studio and focuses on the connections and love that your family shares with your little one.

Deciding whether you want super-styled photos, or natural photos that allow the beauty of your little one to take center-stage will help you narrow down the type of photographer you're looking for.

minimalist natural photos of newborn babies in curled up in studio setting


Newborn photography comes at all different price points, and while it may be tempting to choose the photographer who offers 100 digitals for $200, the low price is usually a good indicator that they're not running a proper business. Between photo-editing software, business licenses, insurance, camera gear, training and all the other expenses that come with running a studio, running a legal photography business can be an expensive endeavour, and you'll often get what you pay for. When deciding on your budget, keep in mind what you hope to do with the images. If you're simply wanting some mementos for social media, your budget should be different than if you're looking for timeless art to hang on your walls.