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When my first was born, I couldn't get over how perfect he was. I could stare at him for hours.

His spiky red hair

His impossibly tiny toes.

The way he'd put his arms overhead, pout his lower lip and go into a full-body stretch.

His ever-changing expressions as he explored the world around him.

I was so full of love and awe of this tiny human that grew inside of me, and I'm reminded of that now, every time I photograph other people's babies. I want to capture your baby as they are, so that years later, you can be transported back to those early days.


Your little one is perfect as they are, and this is why I don't use any props. I don't want baskets, backdrops or bright colours that disctract from your babe's beauty.

When you look back at your newborn photos, I want you to remember how they used to always sleep with their arms above their head, or their sweet milky smell when they yawned. I want you to remember how it felt when they wrapped their teeny-tiny fingers around your finger, or the softness of their fuzzy little head.


Your outing to my photo studio will be one of your first trips outside the house, and I know and appreciate how daunting those first trips can be. I don't take the fact that I will be one of the first people outside your family to handle your little one, and I take that responsibility seriously.

I will keep your baby safe.

I will keep your baby warm and comfortable.

I will capture classic, timeless images that your family will be able to treasure for decades.

Your baby will only be this tiny once. Contact me now to schedule your session.

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