love is picturesque

How will you remember the anticipation of your little one’s arrival, the amazing changes your body was capable of?


How will you memorize how impossibly miniature your baby’s tiny toes were, the pudgy, wrinkly soles of their feet, and their funny, fuzzy new hair?


And when they have been part of your life for 6 months, a year, or longer, will it be easy to recall your child’s budding personality?

With natural-looking poses that highlight how cute and beautiful babies (and you!) are without all the gimmicky props, Megan Ironside Photography creates tasteful art that will become iconic in your family, that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Using a mix of lifestyle and studio portraiture, Megan Ironside Photography gives you the opportunity to re-live those enchanting early moments so you will have them forever.

7 days - 3 months

Tiny humans as fresh as they come. 

6 months +

Celebrate the milestones: sitting, walking, first birthdays.

Expecting Mamas

Pregnancy, gowns, artistic nudes, tummies, and more.


Megan Ironside is a talented newborn, maternity and family lifestyle photographer serving Calgary and surrounding area with both home and studio shoots.

Email: info@meganironside.com

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