about megan

Hi, I'm Megan. 

I'm a professional newborn, baby and maternity photographer in Calgary, Alberta. 

(It’s pronounced Mee-gan, which rhymes with… well, nothing.)


I’m also a mom of two, so I get it. I understand how quickly the time flies by. Moments you're certain you'll remember forever soon get lost in the haze of raising a family. 

I have some pictures that were taken of me with my daughter shortly after she was born. I love them because they bring me right back to that time. The way she smelled, her pudgy curves, and the fact that she looked like a pint-sized version of Rod Stewart.  
I want that for you too. I want you to be able to look at your photos and be transported, even years later, to what those first couple of weeks were like (except for perhaps the sleepless nights). I want you to be able to remember how in awe you were of your new baby.  

You trust your photographer to capture all the details that will eventually become a blur in your memories. That’s why my job is so important. 

Nowadays, it's rare that I get a picture of myself with or without kids, since I (like many mothers) am usually the one behind the lens.  

I feel like women spend so much time feeling judged, compared or criticized for their looks in our society, and the end result is that many women hate having their picture taken.  

Pregnancy doesn’t make that easier, am I right? There are so many times during pregnancy and motherhood when you don’t feel beautiful or special, but I believe with all my heart you are. These are incredibly special times in your life and I know that every woman can look beautiful in pictures. We can make that happen together. 

My goal is to show you yourself in a different light. If you have any questions or would like to book a session, I would truly love to hear from you! 


"Megan is incredibly talented, professional, and natural with children. She did a session with our 12 month old son, Henry, and we are extremely thrilled with the results. Megan was able to capture beautiful candid moments that highlighted Henry's personality. Megan is a true artist with a creative flair, and her passion for photography is evident the moment she gets behind her camera!"


Megan Ironside is a talented newborn and maternity lifestyle photographer serving Calgary and area with both home and studio shoots.

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